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Conan the barbarian (also called Conan the Cimmerian or Conan of Cimmeria) is a fictional character created in 1932 by the writer Robert E. Howard for a series of stories for the pulp Weird Tales pulp magazine.

Conan is the most famous representative of its genre, so called sword and sorcery, and a classic of the 20th century American fantasy.

His stories tend to be classified within the heroic fantasy or sword and sorcery. He lived in the fictional Hyborian Age, a fantastic time around the years of the sinking of Atlantis


This American pulp, science fiction , fantasy and horror magazine was made famous by publishing stories of notable authors such as Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Tennessee Williams, Robert Bloch, Seabury Quinn and others.


The Son of a blacksmith in the northern lands of Cimmeria, Conan was born on a battlefield. At a very young age, he took part in the plundering of Venarium, border with Aquilonia, and soon joined a band of Aesir. In Vanaheim, he met a sorcerer called Shaman who showed him a vision of the future where he was going to be crowned King of the most powerful of the Hyborian kingdoms. He travelled all the Hyborian kingdoms for several years, interfered in the plans of the Stygian sorcerer Thoth-Amon, which was one of his most recurrent enemies, and while he was a mercenary in the sea was inside of Vilayet was pursued by the soldiers of the sorcerer Kharam-Akkad, but was saved by the mercenary hirkania Red Sonja before killing the sorcerer, this showed him a vision in a mirror which was represented as a lion.a7cf9625a379dddd3e9f50dd18f941e0

In the port of Messantia, he was forced to flee from the authorities and embarked on the ship Argos towards Kush and the Black Kingdoms. The ship was attacked and sunk by the Tigress, pirate ship commanded by the shemita Bêlit, called «The Queen of the black coast». They fell in love, and together were devoted to loot the Hyborian kingdoms ships for two years. The black Islands natives called him Amra, the lion. He thenunderstood the meaning of the prophecy of Kharam-Akkad. After the savage murder of Bêlit, he was tempted by the wizard Zukala, to choose between preserving the life of Red Sonja or recover Bêlit. He decided to not sacrifice the hirkania…


He was pirate in the Barachanas Islands, Captain of the zingaran buccaneers, mercenary in the Black Kingdoms and Styx, he was head of the aquilonian army and made prisoner by King Numedides, who he later murdered, being proclaimed King of Aquilonia. married, Zenobia, who he had that to rescue after traveling half the world. He had three children with her: Conn, Taurus and Radegund. He then had several adventures with his son Conn, but after a while Zenobia died and, facing the danger of the Red shadows, he abdicated his throne in favor of Prince Conn, venturing westward on his ship the Red Lion, disappearing into the Western sea.



Conan travels from his native Cimmeria by the greater part of his world, being, among other things, thief, assassin, mercenary, pirate, soldier, general, and finally, King of Aquilonia, the most powerful of the Western kingdoms.he is a barbarian, but not a wildling / savage as he realizes the changes occurring in civilization that he often believes to bevery corrupt and decadent. He has his own barbarian moral code, and enough strength and intelligence to outwit the law when he needs to. The only difference between him and the rest of the murderers of his world is his particular sense of honor.

Conan lives witout morals between rogues and warriors, fighting occasionally for what he considers right, without waiting for a reward .

He rebels against wizards, as he considers witchcraft as an art not based on personal merit, but on pacts and supernatural powers that allows someone weak to dominate others. He frequently faces the demons inhabiting his world, although he doesn’t refuse to pact occasionally with some sorcerer that demonstrates a fair behavior. The God of the Cimmerians, Crom, grants will and strength to humans, but does not grant you any other skill in life or death.


Conan has appeared in comics since 1970 with few interruptions. From that year on, and apart from a previous unofficial comic published in Mexico, two major publishers have been Marvel Comics and Dark Horse. Marvel launched Conan the Barbarian (Conan the barbarian) from 1970 to 1993 and Savage Sword of Conan (the Savage Sword of Conan) from 1974 to 1995. Dark Horse for its part launched their Conan series in 2003 and currently also published compilations of the 1970s Marvel Comics on graphic novel format.

Howard stories were adapted more or less in a faithful way by Marvel from the hand of the writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith. Smith was later replaced by John Buscema, while Thomas continued to write for many years. Other writers on Conan the barbarian were Stan Lee, Wally Wood, Jim Owsley (also called Christopher Priest) or Michael Fleisher. The Savage Sword of Conan writer was Thomas and most of the drawings were made by Buscema, Alfredo Alcalá and Gil Kane. They were also adapted as pull Sunday press from September 4, 1978 to April 12, 1981. Initially written by Thomas and illustrated by Buscema, later continued by other artists and writers. Marvel left the character at the end of 2000.

In 2003, the publishing company Dark Horse began his adaptation of the Conan saga with the script by Kurt Busiek and the drawings of Cary Nord. Tim Truman replaced Busiek in 2006 when he signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics and Tomas Giorello replaced Nord in 2007. This series does not respect the continuity of the Marvel stories, but the original accounts of Robert E. Howard. The first part was called Conan and was composed by 50 volumes from 2004 to 2008; the second part was called Conan the Cimmerian and began in 2008.


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