Midnight Nation (English)

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Gary Frank


Midnight Nation takes of in an entirely different direction from the super hero genre.



Midnight Nation is a thought-provoking story with religious overtones about a police officer in limbo who goes on a cross-country search for his soul, but encounters some mighty obstacles along the way

The protagonist and narrator of the comic is homicide detective Lieutenant Grey. On the surface, Grey is a fairly stereotypical fiction detective. He is dedicated to his job. The wife has left him. His coworkers are fat stereotypical cops.

Midnight_nation_Los_hombres_vi_eta1In his latter discovers how a species of beings from another world – or not- are committing a series of horrific murders. Unfortunately for him, Grey is a victim of these beings and falls into a deep coma. As he’ll discover later, He is now in an area Unknownbetween worlds, where living not want to see the waste of humanity. A place that is between life and death where Grey will receive the help of a special guide, Laurel. Laurel, Awareness, guide, Guardian Ange all in one, a hope that makes continue without knowing what awaits at the end of the road.



imagesAs one gets involved in the story, it’s realizing that there is more to this comic than it appears at first. It’s not an absurd story about a guy going from point A to point C through to point B. It’s a journey of a year that represents a lifetime of learning. A journey of initiation into our true destiny. A journey to save our soul and where we find situations that make if in the end it will be a waste of time and our end is already written in Heaven or in Hell.

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