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Ronin is a fundamental comic-book, It’s a masterpiece in six issues published by DC Comics between 1983 and 1984  and catapulted Fran Miller to the thin end of the wedge. A Comic-book others made their source of inspiration.

Frank-Miller-Ronin-SyfyIn many ways to talk about Ronin is to talk about a title that define a great part of Miller’s career. To begin with, he was totally free by publisher to do it with his style in both the painting and extension, for reaching all his potencial.

Frank Miller is known for all those who know something about comics. His work is extensive and he has some of  the most important classics which the comic History such as The Return of the Dark Night, 300 or Sin City
It’s the first sample of direct influence from Manga style to comic-book, in particular by Kozure Ōkami (Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima)
Such is the Miller’s commitment with Japanese canon, that he goes far beyond the title, katanas and samurais. Ronin is developing in an alien narrative style and drawing arrangement. There weren’t anything like this before in comic-books  (We have to keep in mind we are talking about 80’s), and Ronin is drawing in a Japanese style.
Ronin marked a revolution in the comic industry in USA and passed it on to the next generation.
Frank Miller proposes an action-packed comic which we can appreciate some details and inspirations about the further  Return of the Dark Night  at chaotic city and villains, he provide a basis of ninjas and samurais for next comic-books generations.

Frank Miller has his own style of drawing that certainly not to everyone’s taste: Irregular strokes, with little detail and rather poor dynamics yet somehow always create a very peculiar visual impact effects.

Ultimately, We are facing an comic that everyone should have ever read.




A samurai without a master and an ancient demon

Ronin begins his story during feudal Japan, taking starring a young samurai which faithfully serves his daimyo. This daimyo has a sword that feeds on the blood of their enemies, and whose magic is the only one to hold off the Agat demon.
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