Cinder and Ashe (English)


Cinder and Ashe are a team of private investigators
– one, a veteran of the Vietnam war; the other, the espdaughter of another U.S. soldier and a native Vietnamese woman.

They’ve been hired to find a kidnapped girl – but as they travel across the U.S. on her trail, their own traumatic pasts come back to haunt them.

Originally published by DC Comics in 1988, Cinder and Ashe is a comic by Gerry Conway, José Luis García-López, and Joe Orlando about two mercenary/detective friends who are unable to escape and reconcile with the horrors of their shared past in Vietnam — a past which has become actualized with the returning of a mad killer who they both thought was long dead. The story takes place in New Orleans with flashbacks to Vietnam, and some stops in Washington, DC and Iowa.


Without being a masterpiece, I think that it spent too much unnoticed in his time and more now that the era that we live in the 1980s the Viet Nam war seem already overcome and passed. But, even if the script is not as good as others of its time it is a work to take in mind not only spectacular Jose Luis Garcia Lopez drawing, they show us some characters that having suffered (or result from this) give their lives for others facing the worst of society.


Drawing, as I have already mentioned, is magnificent, natural, full of details and at the same it makes the story much more real. It seems that you moved from New Orleans to Saigon without something that clash or that should not be there, and if you take away something of a cartoon would you are missing.

It may the best of the history is the continuous flashback to Saigon and the Viet Nam war,tumblr_mzokmn3F0s1rg2hh5o1_1280 it make us better understand the history between the main characters and its antagonist. Throughout history you can see  how these characters have changed but without losing that it makes them unique and stay together.

I dont want in this occasion talk about the argument to each of the numbers that make up this comic already that the plot makes it interesting, this is not too complicated but the drawing account more than own screenwriter.


This comic, in addition, comes very well the type of paper that was printed in the original edition, the typical 1980s that  yellowing over time, since it is like the story, something typical of the era in which it was conceived. I don’t know if both by the history and the paper that they use in comics today, this comic would not have the same impact that had on its day if it would be printed nowadays

It is a pity that it wouldn’t have continuation, but maybe it is better in order to preserve the essence of the characters.

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