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ds010Doc Savage Heritageesp

In this four issue miniserie published by Zinco in Spain in 1990, DC tries to recover from Dennis O’neil as a writer and Andy and Adam Kubert as  artists a myth of the 30s and 40s pulp magazine that they were fashionable in those years.

ds011In this comic we can see what life was of this hero and his companions in their fight against crime, especially against the Nazis in WWII and how this fight moves to the 80s

For this Dennis O’Neil traces a story through the descendants of Doc Savage and how time marks his legacy, all this while Doc Savage team try to continue its mission and the years go billed


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Doc Savage Heritage  Part 1 :

Inside the Pyramid 


Zinco – September 1990



It’s the end of the WWII and everyone is celebrating, the doc Savage team meets at a restaurant to do the same.

But the war is over not mean that Doc Savage has no enemies, Being in the restaurant suffer an attack by Nazis led by Wessel, an enemy Nazi of Doc Savage and his ideals.


Doc Savage decides to stop him on one last mission before devoting to research and his young wife. ds007It is his duty to stop this latest threat before being father and try to leave a better word for his descendants.

Despite the reluctance of his wife, the team goes on his last mission between nostalgia for the times of lived adventures and now will be history, and the new hope of a peaceful world


ds008Meanwhile, Wessel is making experiments with humans in an alien pyramid in the middle of the jungle.

Once there, the team of Doc Savage faces a group of Nazis before finding and arresting Wessel, not without problems. Doc Savage has been deceived by Wessel and Wessel kill him with the beam found in the pyramid.



While in New York the son of Doc Savage, a new generation is born.

Will  the legacy of Doc Savage continue or everything is lost without Doc Savage to serve as an example?






Book Twonumeros-F371-434-123-10

Doc Savage Heritage  Part 2 :

Lost Generation!


Zinco – October 1990


In the Mid-Sixties the Clark Savage’s life is not as he had imagined, without the talent or skills from his father, Clark is a young man tormented by his legacy. This ends up dragging him to do something crazy and lose his life for it.ds012

Years later, life is not as the team of Doc Savage would have liked, all their good purposes after the death of Doc are not coming out as they projected and only have two students and many problems,ds013including Chip, the pacifist grandson of Doc Savage.

At the same time Wessel leaks out of prison, Doc’s team determines to go in his capture without the permission or consent of Chip that thinks that he is too old to do damage and also does not believe in the ancient methods of the companions of his father.ds015

In full hunting they also realize the problem also above their possibilities and they are captured by a new generation of the nazis led by Wessel.

When Chip knows it he has to decide between doing nothing or reject his pacifist ideals, and go to their rescue.






Book Three

Doc Savage Heritage  Part 3 :

return to the pyramid!


Zinco – November 1990


The team of Doc Savage has been captured by Wessel and they are retained in the same pyramid in which  Doc Savage died 40 years ago,While Wessel has it retained them has their discoveries of these years, among others, that the beam believed to be mortal is a teleporter

ds021to another dimension. Taking advantage of a distraction, the equipment is released but Wessel escapes leaving them locked in the pyramid, just when Chip arrives to rescue them.


Meanwhile, in another dimension, Doc Savage awakens and is aware of his situation. He decided to return without fear of the consequences of a second voyage between dimensions, appears in the same place to astonishment of his fellow where disappeared so many years ago.




numeros-F618-242-923-362Book Four

Doc Savage Heritage  Part 4 :

The secret of the Twin Towers


Zinco – Dicember 1990


Doc Savage is back!… but not his mind as well. It seems that this has been in the other dimension. Teammates try to make him return itself but it seems that nothing  makes him react until his grandson speaks to him.ds024

Doc Savage returns to the present to discover the plan of Wessel, he wants to use the Twin Towers and the Empire State as teleporter  projector and send to all mankind to another dimension.

Decided to arrest him in any way arises a confrontation between him and his grandson about how to deal with this problem.

ds025Doc Savage is not recovered fully after his trip and sometimes his mind escapes leaving him without will, which will be a problem in the future.

Wessel takes one of the towers while Doc Savage decides to climb the tower to surprise you, Chip decides to accompany Doc to help him in his mission.

Once above and after a brief struggle with the men of Wessel Doc manages to detain Wessel, but at that moment his mind escapes, leaving him defenseless, Wessel seizes the moment and shoot to Doc, but Chip stands between him and the bullet, resulting in injured, Doc returns itself and is willing to kill Wessel, but his grandson, badly injured, convinces him that there is another way.

Wessel will face the same punishment that subjected to Doc Savage, Wessel will be sent to the other dimension.

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